Our Story

Production Expediting Technologies (PRODx) was conceived in the heart of the global coronavirus pandemic of 2020 – in every way a manufacturing crisis as much as a healthcare crisis. 

Disrupted global supply chains. Emergency demand beyond the capacity of incumbent suppliers.  OEMs’ hair-on-fire-needs to source custom, machined components IMMEDIATELY.  To save lives, the modern world had to think differently about manufacturing.

PRODx was inspired by the original creation of the premium shared ride service, Uber Black©, that leverages the excess availability of an invited network of hyper/capable and hyper/qualified service providers (professional drivers of limousines/black cars uncommitted to contracted rides during the day) to a worry-free service, immediate-demand (black car/limousine transportation) to provide high-end, immediate-demand service to demanding and time-pressed customers (busy business-people), all coordinated by and paid through a centralized network administrator (Uber) that optimally leverages technology.

Similarly, PRODx serves OEMs with immediate-demand needs production volumes (1,000-100,000 pcs) of custom, machined components through a highly curated network of hyper-qualified, hyper-capable Contract Machining Partners who collectively possess capacity available for immediate production needs:

Each partner possesses multiple quality certifications (ISO 9001:2015, AS9100D, ISO 13485 and/or TS 169049)

Using the latest and most sophisticated quoting technology, CAM software and machining and metrology equipment.

Sophisticated, sizable operations (60+ manufacturing personnel) and large counts of the latest models of multi-axis CNC machining equipment. 

And IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE CAPACITY within the PRODx network of machining partners to expedite production components for customers with immediate demands.      

Exceeds Your Needs & Expectations

Our network has the capabilities and capacity to meet your needs and exceed your expectatoins.

Bias For Immediate Execution

Like First Responders & Special Operations Forces, we have a bias for execution.  If we accept your mission, we won’t fail you.

Your Data Is Secure

PRODx is ITAR compliant and shares data only on a Need To Know basis.

Quality Satisfaction Guaranteed

We have the capacity and the capability to provide you the precision parts you need.

Our Founding

Production Expediting Technologies (PRODx) was founded in 2020 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin by a core group of Contract Machining Companies located throughout the United States.  Each original Partner expressly met the criteria required of all PRODx Partners: Hyper-Capable, Hyper-Qualified, with occasional excess capacity and the No Fail mindset to serve Hair-On-Fire precision machined parts buyers.

The founding of PRODx in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is significant given Milwaukee’s location in the heart of the Upper Midwest, one of the world’s most powerful and enduring manufacturing ecosystems – an ecosystem that is characterized not only by an amazingly skilled workforce but also by complementary manufacturing services and capabilities all available within short transportation distances and skilled manufacturing team members at ease coordinating and collaborating with each other. And, while our PRODx Partners are located across the U.S., typically they are each located in regions with similar and powerful manufacturing ecosystems.

While the label ‘Manufacturing As A Service’ may seem contemporary and fashionable these days , Manufacturing As A Service has been the reality of contract manufacturers for over a century. As Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) proliferated, they looked to specialized manufacturers outside their walls to provide machining and manufacturing expertise to machine and supply components when needed – as a service.

Over time, those Contract Machining companies advanced and reinvested in themselves to specialize even further in their capabilities to collaborate with OEMs’ designers, to fulfill production on time and as needed and always with peerless quality. Those Contract Machining companies invested in the latest technology, continuously improved their processes and, even more importantly, grew their team members’ skills and capabilities.

It is the best of those Contract Machining companies with whom PRODx will partner, not just in the Midwest but all across the United States. Enabled by very advanced technology and highly skilled teams, PRODx seeks to connect this network and make it more powerful by aligning its members’ capabilities and at-times excess capacity with the hair-on-fire, immediate-demand needs of OEMs globally.